Aurora, IL

Roof Lift:
5,600 sq. ft. lifted 47′ 3″

Project Time:
26 days

The 5,600 sq. ft. section of roof to be raised from 19′ 9″ to 67′ for a 47′ 3″ lift. Required eight 3-stage jacks, with 105,000 lbs of structural steel and 300,000 lbs of concrete to stabilize against wind loads.

All lighting and fire water systems were installed prior to lifting to prevent work at extreme heights. The roof was first raised 25 feet and the upper portion of the building completed.

The entire building was raised the final 23 feet and all structural steel installed and the sheeting completed. The roof was raised at a rate of four feet per hour. The client was pleased because exposure to the weather was held to a minimum, and the cost was approximately one-third the cost of the conventional method.