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How does the Rapid Roof Lifter system work and why is it the better roof raising process?

The Rapid Roof Lifter Process
Other roof lifting systems typically use smaller jacks, a lengthy roof raising and welding process that involve extensive mechanical, electrical and sprinkler system reconstruction. Rapid Roof Lifter avoids all of these negatives by using a patent-pending process that can cut costs by 60%.


  • An extensive engineering consultation begins our process.  We take in to consideration your existing mechanical, electrical and sprinkler systems and design a solution that is most cost effective for you, reusing existing material whenever feasible.
  • Onsite work begins by installing the Rapid Roof Lifter column and structural steel at key areas in the building area that is to be raised.
  • The structural bracing and building siding is installed as the roof is lifted. At the same time, mechanical and electrical tails are re-connected.
  • Once the roof is to its final height, the columns are welded in place. All water is drained, and the building is dried-in.
roof raising in progress

Rapid Roof Lifter Patented Process

Rapid Roof Lifter is Cost-Effective

  • Less costly because the roof stays intact.
  • The Rapid Roof Lifter system is unique because the column lifts the existing roof and then becomes a permanent part of the structure.
  • We provide a turnkey process.
  • No expensive cranes at $2,000/day.
  • No internal guy wires, redundant bracing or lifting devices.
  • Existing mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and sprinkler systems are maintained.

Using Rapid Roof Lifter Means Less Downtime

  • In most cases your work continues while we perform our prep work.
  • Inside of facility is kept protected from elements.
  • Connecting “tails” to existing electrical, HCAC and Fire Control saves significant subcontractor time.
  • No Destruction before Construction.
  • The Rapid Roof Lifter System insures all engineering, design, and material acquisition is completed before on-site activity begins.
  • Two week onsite duration is typical.
Rapid Roof Lifter on the job

safe roof lifting process

Rapid Roof Lifter is Safe

  • Red Iron and sheeting added as the roof rises – no high work!
  • No caustic chemicals used in the process. Just add water!
  • The RapidRoofLifter system is custom designed for your application.
  • Conforms and usually exceeds local building codes.

Rapid Roof Lifter is Earth Friendly

  • Environmentally conscious reuse of as much existing building material as possible.
  • Our only byproduct is a few gallons of water!
  • No destruction of the lawn or green areas.
  • Noise levels are at normal warehouse levels.
  • Material staging is scheduled as we lift in order to minimize our onsite footprint.
environmentally friendly roof raising


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