The Future of Industrial-Scale Roof Lifting

Since 1998, Rapid Roof Lifter has used technology and innovation to create better methods to solve complex construction and renovation problems for customers all across the country. We specialize in the vertical expansion of factory buildings, warehouses, retail and commercial properties by raising the existing roof with the least interruption to your business. Our Patent-pending method takes the time-consuming, traditional methods of roof lifting and makes them obsolete! This safe, earth friendly process of increasing clear height of your existing structure means less downtime and more production for your business, and who doesn’t love the sound of that? We think you will agree with our satisfied customers that the Rapid Roof Lifter method is the future of industrial-scale roof lifting.

Click below to learn more about the process and cost to raise a roof, and let us transform your under-utilized building to maximize your potential and efficiency.

cost effective method to raise a roof
  • 35-60% cost savings versus traditional construction
  • Patented process reduces time, materials, & resources
process of adding clear height
  • Two weeks onsite duration for typical installation
  • No destruction before construction
safe roof lifting
  • No caustic chemicals used in the process – just water
  • Conforms to/exceeds local building codes
environmentally friendly roof raising solution
  • Much of existing building material is reused
  • Only by-product is several gallons of water

An Economical Solution

Save time and money by strategically maximizing industrial space through roof lifting. Find Out More